bird spiking


Birds fouling on your property can become a serious hazard over time, especially if this happens in public places such as guttering window ledges, shop fronts or roofs.


Overtime, they can become pests, especially if they eventually gain access to any opportunities they may find to enter your roof space. At Osmowash, we do bird spiking for areas and buildings where birds begin to roost and can then over time cause a health risk to you when at work or to the general public.


Bird spiking is an effective way of controlling birds and it is also cost effective.


Mainly in the UK, we have issues with pigeons. They dominate most towns and cities across the UK where there is a large population of people. Pigeons will feed off of left over food that people do not dispose of properly as well as accessing buildings when needed to nest.


What are the common issues with pigeons?


  • Health – fresh pigeon droppings on pavements can be slippery underfoot, but there is also a hazard to your health when dealing with dry droppings as they create a dust which can cause breathing difficulties and lung disease if you are exposed to it for a long period of time. Not only can the bird itself cause you health problems but birds nesting can also cause flea and tick infestations on your property’s premises.


  • Unsightly – droppings can certainly be unpleasant to look at. But when it comes to buildings, they can leave streaks across roofs and down walls. Most businesses find that it is unsightly and not the image that they wish to portray.

  • Damage – pigeon droppings can damage your building. Their droppings are essentially erosive in nature and if not cleaned often they begin to eat away at the surface of the stone or material.


How does spiking work?


Upwards spikes act as a physical barrier for birds without injuring them. The bird will see the spikes and understand that there is no way for it to land safely on the surface, prompting it to fly off.


The great thing about spiking is that the spikes can be attached to almost any surface. Below is an image taken on site of a job completed by Osmowash, for a client that wanted to protect their solar panels from urban birds. 

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